Terms of Use

What is Hashpix?

  • HashPix is a marketplace for Instagram Photographers and other popular Photographers to sell their photos
  • HashPix will create a platform for Photographers to display and advertise their photos for sale
  • HashPix will provide an easy way to purchase and process buyers’ orders for prints, canvasses, postcards, calendars, mugs, t-shirts, and other items displaying Photographers’ photos selected by buyers
  • HashPix will print and deliver Photographers’ photos to their fans
  • HashPix will pay Photographer via Paypal within 30 days of purchase
  • HashPix will handle all returns, complaints and any other problems with the order process
  • Hashpix is FREE for Photographers!!!

How Hashpix Works:

  • Photographers will sign up as “Seller” on the Hashpix site
  • Photographers will be given a choice to import their Instagram photos, Facebook photos or upload higher resolution photos
  • Photographers will be given the option to create their own page and profile for an additional fee – “Premium Account,” otherwise Hashpix will be free for Photographers
  • Hashpix will take 30% of the final price of the sale
  • Photographers will be asked to promote Hashpix on their Instagram and Facebook profiles so that their followers know where they can buy the photos
  • Photographers will be asked to write a personal message to their fans which will be included with the photos
  • All photos will remain the exclusive property of the Photographers and Photographers will retain all intellectual property rights in their photos
  • Photographers can continue to sell their photos in any way they want outside of Hashpix
  • Hashpix will not use Photographer’s photos in any way without Photographer’s express written consent
  • Photographers can discontinue using Hashpix at anytime except that any orders already purchased and paid for by buyers must be fulfilled